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Diving on the Pipi

The port of departure and arrival is Glavotok or Pinezic on the Island of Krk.

From there, we depart southwards or northwards, passing by some of the numerous islands of Croatia, which offer a very interesting and varied diving experience for both beginners and advanced divers.

These include dive sites with shipwrecks, caves, tunnels and steep walls of a unique flora and fauna. The exact diving locations are agreed upon with the respective diving groups on site, according to their level of
difficulty and the weather conditions.

The pleasant temperatures of the water, the crystal-clear sea which is shining in different shades of blue, as well as the unbelievable visibility are just a few of the highlights of the trip. Numerous picturesque bays as well as small town harbours with a Mediterranean flair and numerous sights will offer a variety of accommodation possibilities at anchor or at the city pier.

Diving and safety standards

The ship is equipped with sufficient oxygen tanks at all times. Every six months, the entire team undergoes a training in first aid and dealing with pressure-related conditions.

The total capacity amounts to 225 and 300 bar. A long bench ensures that each diver has enough space for two diving tanks, which do not need to be removed from their jacket. The air hoses are positioned exactly above the diving tanks and thus ensure a fast filling.

A crane with a lifting force of up to 3 tons allows for a quick deployment of the inflatable boat.



The diving and working deck of the Pipi

When diving, it is crucial to have enough space and comfort at your disposal. The diving deck of the Pipi is certainly one of the largest diving decks of all dive boats in the Mediterranean.

With length of almost 15 meters and a beam of 7.50, this ship represents absolute luxury for a group of twelve divers. For further diving comfort, the ship was equipped with two electric-powered scuba compressors (630 l / min) and diving tanks with a capacity of 10, 12 and 15 liters. A cascade panel with 4 bottles of 80 liters and 330 bar ensures a fast filling time.



Life on Board

An adventure and diving cruise offers a completely different kind of holiday. It represents relaxation and adventure at the same time. You will follow the rhythm of the daylight, wind and water, regardless of whether you want to enjoy a mesmerising sunrise as an early riser, prefer to watch the sunset every evening or want to sit under the clear starlit sky at night.

Join us for a wonderful relaxing holiday on board. A delicious breakfast can start the day. A little later, we will dive into the cool, crystal-clear sea to explore the underwater world. After the dive, you have enough time to relax, for example by lounging on the sun deck. If you just can't get enough of the blue sea, you can go snorkelling or swimming or simply let yourself float (in the water).

Meanwhile, the crew will prepare a magical lunch, which will spread a breeze of a delicious aroma over the deck. Filled with energy after this fresh meal, you will be able to relax some more and simply enjoy life. Freshly strengthened, you can relax and enjoy life.

Just relax on the sundeck, take delight in a good book or discuss interesting diving spots with like-minded peers while looking forward to your next dive. Enjoy the beautiful view while we pass many beautiful islands. Perhaps we will even be accompanied by playing dolphins whilst your diving equipment dries in the boat.

After the dive you can take a warm shower and look forward to dinner. We will cast anchor in one of the many secluded bays with a beautiful view of the starlit sky or moor at the pier of one of the many picturesque Croatian fishing villages, which will invite you to the take a stroll across its harbour and explore the local alleys ... all whilst treating yourself to a sweet, delicious ice cream. Back on board, the day will slowly come to its end.

A cosy get-together with good wine in a nice atmosphere will round off the day, while the anticipation for the next day slowly rises. We will turn your diving safari into an unforgettable holiday experience! Traveling as a part of the “Adriatic Explorer” programme on the Pipi is a completely new di-
mension of diving safari vacation. We offer you a variety of themes which you can combine with the classic diving safari.

Salon and Food

Food is served in the salon, but also serves as a social gathering space, for example, if you want to show your companions or celebrations. The salon is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a beer bar, a hi-fi, two large desks, WIFI internet, air conditioning and heating.

Food on board always includes a full board and is included in the price.

For diving groups we have prepared a classic package that caters to the diver's needs.

Full board includes breakfast with hot drinks, lunch and warm dinner. Water, afternoon coffee and tea are at your disposal for free throughout the entire voyage.

Do you have special desires for food? No problem, our cook accepts every challenge.

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